I haven’t been online much lately…too many things going on that needed my attention. We’ve been rushing around this past weekend, getting up before the crack of dawn to head out to the diamonds to watch ‘Miss A’ play softball. I love it. The sun beating down upon my head, filling my whole body with warmth…the fresh air pouring into my lungs and over my skin. Ah, it makes me wonder why I spend so much time inside, on the computer. 🙄

Some friends have gone for a long overdue holiday to the country. I am so happy for them and hope they have a time of rest, rejuvenation, relaxation and refreshment but, inside I’m a little green. :mrgreen:

Whenever we move house or interstate I go without the computer, our tv viewing is limited and we are simply together more, as a family. We don’t have a phone, other than the mobile for necessities. I love it. Even the children don’t mind, although one likes to have their MP3 player glued to their ear. 🙄 Often, after time away from the computer, I am in no hurry to get back to it. I don’t really want to visit the forums or email groups again. Oh, I’ve missed people and catching up with friends but the things I’ve gained simply are simply precious. Ah, to be a self controlled person who doesn’t struggle with addictions and can use all things in moderation.

It’s times like these that I become terribly aware of the constant and almost silent hum of everything electronic. My laptop is quiet but it still hums.The TV reverberates with its drone, the music from the tv or the stereo or the MP3 player or the light of the microwave oven, the phone beeping at every text message, even the lights seem to hum with noise.

Silence is more musical than any song.

~Christina Rossetti

When we’ve been away, my senses and my heart are more tuned in to people, to family, to friends, to God. It is my prayer and hope that my friends will experience all this and more…but it is also my desire to change things in my life so that I can experience this daily, amidst the busyness and noisiness of daily life. To take the phone of the hook, turn the computers, tv, radio and lights off and head to my bedroom for true peace and quiet as I hear from God and spend time in His presence. I’d love to be able to go away for a holiday but at this time, it isn’t possible. Our next holiday will be at Christmas time when we head home to South Australia to see family and possibly to Tasmania for the National Softball tournament- it won’t be a time to pull away from everything electronic and really rest.

What about when there is a storm and a blackout? Oooh, my children get all excited and run around…for a little while. Then they start to realise how much they rely upon electricity. Me? i love it! It gives me the excuse to be quiet and rest. But why don’t I do that more often? Why do I need a holiday or a blackout to do that? Hmmm. In the meantime I do what I can but I’d love to hear your comments. So inspire me, motivate me, give me tips and ideas for how to eliminate electronic hustle and bustle while living in a family that loves electronic gadgets and technology.

❓ What about you? Does electronic noise bother you? How do you deal with it?