I wanted to quit. Pack up my blog and stow it away in the cupboard. I feel like the proverbial square peg in a round hole. I’m not a homeschool blogger anymore. I’m not into crafts. I’m not a foodie blog nor a photography blog, nor a theological blog. I mainly just share our weekly life which is more like a family journal- quite boring if you’re not part of that family, I assume. I don’t fit into a blogging niche. Once upon a time I did, but that chapter is closed.

This site started very natural- as a natural extension of my participation on forums. I simply copied and pasted my replies here rather than rewrite them everytime a question was asked. So primarily, I blogged for me. And I’m happy for that. I don’t try to teach anyone… I just wanted to share. I don’t want to get into theological debates nor lead people astray with any wishy-washy or incorrect theology, so I simply stopped sharing what was on my heart. Yes, I do need to be careful with my words, but to allow that to prevent me from sharing is also questionable. I think I had become more concerned about appearing correct than actually sharing my walk despite the fact that I had previously written how I do not have all my theological ducks in a row.

I wanted to dig a hole and bury the site. And while John would respect my decision if I decided to go ahead with it, he really doesn’t want me to do that. I think he knows that I am the greatest beneficiary from my blog. He wants me to continue. He wants to see me write more. So I shall. I will share some of the things that I learn. They may not be 100% doctrinally correct but be patient with me, please.

I guess I’m back.