Old Book Art is a beautiful website..for everyone who appreciates art/illustrations in old books.


Courtesy of Old Book Art

The Mission of Old Book Art

To provide & facilitate access to free illustrations: pictures, drawings, maps and other images scanned from antiquarian, public-domain books and other old documents. We have over 3,200 images in our gallery with more added regularly, all at no cost and most available at very high resolution. Most of these we have scanned and edited ourselves. We will also screen and provide links to other high quality resources.

Why Does the Site Exist?

Simply to share public domain resources. Zephyrus Books comes across a lot of antiquarian books with wonderful old illustrations in the public domain. Many of these are not available for public sharing anywhere on the internet, at least not in an easily accessible or larger scale format, so this site was started as a free resource for anyone looking for out of copyright images.

But I imagine that hot-linking is not wanted. Click the images and save them to your own computer, ready for uploading to your site. Provide a link back to Old Book Art, along with the image.


Fabre’s Book of Insects. Courtesy of Old Book Art

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