I’ve just had the opportunity to read an ebook A Parent to Parent Chat on ADHD – The Book I Wish I Had by: Theresa Lode

Theresa (an online friend of mine and real funny lady) shares a little of their own personal journey as well as gives some down to earth and practical tips that she has learned along the way. This book is not for those wanting an official report on ADD or ADHD. Rather it is for the parent who wants to understand the condition a little more and gain real life ways to help the family flourish.

Theresa is a home educating mother but her ebook will not heap condemnation upon you if you don’t homeschool. Theresa writes in her humorous, bright and sparky way that will give you a chuckle as well as give you information and creative ideas.

The chapters are: The Gift that is ADHD, Getting a Diagnosis, Picking Your Health Care Team, The Heredity Link, Co-Morbid Conditions, Sensory Inte-WHAT?, To Medicate ? or Not, What We Decided to Do,
Diets and Supplements, Neurofeedback, Lifestyle, Dealing with Behaviors, Learning Styles, The Brilliance of ADHD, Education Options, What is Education Anyway?, Parent Stress, and You are the Expert.

For the low price of $24.95US this 26 page, honest and real look at parenting a child with ADHD can be delivered straight to your computer!

Visit the website today to look at a sample chapter and see what others are saying.

You might also like to visit Theresa’s blog at: http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/Theresa/