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Why Am I Online Today?

What is my plan, my purpose for being online today? What am I talking about with others? What is the point I am trying to make in my discussions? Am I majoring on minors or am I pointing to Christ? Am I pointing another way to yet another religion or am I pointing to the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life?

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Guarding My Heart

As a woman of the word, I need to guard my heart and mind. I do not need to be about gossip and ‘knowing who said what to whom’. I need to be about the word and serving others. I will continue to use fb as a way of sharing but forgive me if I don’t comment on your walls or updates. I need to guard my heart, be careful to not be a busy body, be busy at home and not be idle. This is my weakness… and as such my course of action.

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Random Quote

Home is where we belong, it is our space and our place whether for a week, a year or as long as we can foresee. It is where we can just ‘be’ and also where we can express ourselves in our surroundings, be they a temporary room, a rented apartment or our own house. It is a place of rest from work, but also requires work to keep it going. It is a place of relaxation and of enjoyment in making it interesting, colourful, beautiful and welcoming; where we can thrive rather than passively survive.

— ~ Adapted from Ruth Fowke