So many times I tell myself that I am working online. Or researching. Or writing. Or doing Bible study. Rarely do I say that I am socialising, chilling out, debating or pushing my own agenda. But if I am truly honest with myself, I do a lot of the latter.

pointing to christ image

Earlier on this week I thought about deactivating my Facebook account and disconnecting my email and social media accounts from my iPhone and iPad. I need to hear the voice of God. I can’t hear His voice clearly because there is so much mental noise screaming for my attention. That funny meme on Facebook, the latest discussion on AussieHomeschool… it all adds up to mental clutter. And I am feeling the beginnings of overwhelmedness. (I think I just invented a new word. Noun: the state of being overwhelmed = overwhelmedness). Whether or not I disconnect for awhile, I still need to re-examine why I am online in the first place.

What is my plan, my purpose for being online today?

What am I talking about with others? What is the point I am trying to make in my discussions? Am I pointing to Christ and trusting that God will draw others and then nurture them along into their own relationship or am I simply telling them what they should believe? Am I majoring on minors or am I pointing to Christ? Am I pointing another way to yet another religion or am I pointing to the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life?

Susan, stop. Breathe, Susan. Hold back from typing, Susan.

Susan. Pray.

Father, I do thank you for placing me in this era, this time of 2013. God, you have put me here for a purpose and that is not simply to eat, drink and be merry but that I might point the way to you. Father, I want to use my time online wisely, to tell others of your great love and grand grace but I so often get caught up majoring on the minors. Help me to just shush, to be still, yet to be ready with words of grace. Help me and fill me with Your Spirit so that I might be ready at all times to tell of your goodness and your redemption. Father, help me to guard my online time and use it wisely – for your glory.