I’ve built a new website and I want you to zip over and visit it.

It’s called The DIY Bible Study.


I started this site (kerugma) as a repository for articles and forum responses that I was writing repeatedly. Over time the site has grown and morphed into my online home. However, this site is really large and has many topics from my personal and family journal, recipes, my exercise and nutrition journal, homeschooling information, blogging info, social media tips and my Bible study posts.

For many years now, I have wanted to share Bible study tips for those who want to dig into God’s word for themselves, instead of using pre-packaged workbook type Bible studies. There’s nothing wrong them- they have their place, but I’ve only used them occasionally throughout my walk as a believer and have never retained much from them. I get much more benefit when I dig into the word by itself – just me, the Bible, pen and paper.

Having said that I never found it easy. I started off with no clue as to how to study the Bible. It was a huge book, bits of it seemed boring and I was, quite simply, overwhelmed with it. Over the years, I’ve learned a few techniques that I now incorporate into my Bible study time. (As a side note, many of these techniques are not ONLY for Bible study but are valid and valuable study tips for any subject – fabulous for homeschoolers and parents wanting to supplement or help their child’s learning). I am certainly no expert. But I believe that’s why many people will benefit from what I have to share. I’m a layman – no fancy words or fancy books. I don’t know Greek or Hebrew or any other language for that matter. I simply want to share some useful tips. So this new site is for parents who wish to teach their children straight from the Word or for new believers or for busy mums who don’t have hours each day to pursue Bible study or attend classes. I did not invent or create these techniques, I am simply collating them in a user-friendly way.

I moved many of the Bible study posts from here to the new site. And I’ll be writing a weekly (God willing) post that will contain one Bible study technique each time, with examples.

I really want to focus on both this personal site and the DIY Bible Study site and separating the two will enable me to do just that. The DIY Bible Study is for all things to do with Bible Study whereas this site will contain the mundane, soapbox-style rants that cross my mind.