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Teaching Character or a Code

I don’t use the word of God to teach a set rules/code of behaviour but I will proclaim the message of God and trust that the Holy Spirit will teach them what He wants to teach them. Their salvation is not dependent upon me teaching every character trait. It is dependent upon God! I can’t teach someone into salvation. What is the point, the goal of teaching the children? Is it that they become fine, moral, upstanding citizens or to usher them into the presence of the Almighty God? Two different issues and two different ways to go about it.

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My Journey to Middle Earth

I wouldn’t go near it with a ten foot pole. All I knew of it was that there was a wizard. I wanted to stay well away from anything like that. I did not like fairy tales, myths and legends, or anything with magic, mainly due to my interest in occultish things when I was a teen. And then John hired the movie.

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