I once met a woman whose children and/or husband didn’t celebrate or surprise them on Mother’s Day like they wanted and they feel disappointed. I suggested teaching and training the children to go *all out* and make an effort to bless others, including mum on Mother’s Day but they thought it sounded too selfish and self serving.

But the resentment this woman was harbouring was hardly right either so how can we approach training our children to serve and bless when we are supposed to be the object of that appreciation?

It can seem tricky in the early years because we don’t want to be self serving but over the years I’ve learned that it is not self centred to teach your little ones *how* to bless you on Mother’s Day. They key is attitude. Our attitude. Of course we can and should be teaching our children to bless and serve on all kinds of special days (like Father’s Day) but some hubbies aren’t as ‘clued in’ as we are and they may manage to overlook the special day, known as Mother’s Day or Mum’s birthday. Maybe you could explain to hubby why it’s important to teach the children how to honour and bless you on Mother’s Day? Let him see that it isn’t about you per se, but another way to teach servanthood. There’s no need to cultivate a sense of motherhood martyrdom- some of us women are good enough at that already.

Day at the Seaside-Frederick Morgan

Day at the Seaside by Frederick Morgan

To be honest, we don’t celebrate birthday’s much in our home… and Mother’s Day really isn’t a big deal to me. I’m never fussed if the day goes by totally unannounced. But, this is a good opportunity to teach my children to think of others. My own mother is not on earth any more. She went to be with the Lord fifteen years ago so I don’t have the opportunity to bless and serve her as I would like to. However, if you do have your own mother make sure that you honour her and bless her. Not only because it is Mother’s Day, not only because your children are watching and learning but because it is right to do so and honouring to the Lord.

Teach your children to consider the needs and preferences of the person they are acknowledging when it comes to selecting or making a gift.
Consider the likes and preferences of the recipient when preparing the ‘feast’.
Teach them that it is time to go ‘all out’ and spoil the person. Not with money but with thought and effort.

In doing so, you are training your children to think of others before they think of themselves. You’re also training your daughters to have healthy attitudes toward motherhood. You’re teaching them attitude and how they should view all the happenings in their lives. You’re teaching them how to view motherhood and marriage!

Maybe your husband naturally does the teaching of these things during these special times and if so, praise God! But if not, don’t allow yourself to wallow in bitterness, anger or envy. Remember, your children are watching you all the time. All the time! Use this as an opportunity to teach, to guide and encourage. And one day… many years from now, your children will call you blessed. And if you’re really blessed it might also come with chocolate 😉

What messages do you send your child regarding motherhood? Think about what legacy you’d like to leave your children…what lessons can you teach through this day? Your children will not always be young, and the time for teaching these sorts of lessons will not always be so ripe. Make the most of it! Pray and discover how you can creatively impart life values to your child and teach them the important lessons in life.

Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.
~Proverbs 1:8