Falcon’s Schedule ย Term One 2012

A few weeks ago I posted the subjects that both boys were studying – at school and here at home. This is Falcon’s schedule. It looks pretty heavy but he devised this schedule (and tweaks it to suit) pretty much by himself.

Falcon is a stickler for abiding by the schedule… almost down to the last minute. You can imagine that this trait drives me batty. But it’s how he works best.

Download the pdf of his schedule: mon-thur2012yr9

Our schedule this year looks completely different to any other year. But, this is the first year that we have ever had only one child at home! I always knew this child liked learning and liked schedules but it’s not until this year that I see him thriving in his new environment!

I think his workload is quite rigorous. Others may not think so but I do. However, it goes hand in hand with our goals, for this child, for this year. Not bad, considering that he was pretty much unschooled for the most part of his life so far.