Oh Australia! What is there left to be said?

Today I am reminded of the biblical story of Deborah… a woman who exercised public office in the Old testament. She judged Israel. But this is not a scenario for us to emulate. Because of Israel’s evil deeds, “The Lord sold them into the hands of Jabin.” Deborah led the nation of Israel which was under God’s judgement.

Then there is Miriam who at one time rebelled against the leadership of Moses and she ended up with leprosy and was awfully humiliated.

God will use women in leadership if He so chooses but what a shame that our new Prime Minister was not elected in… it was back-biting and treacherous activity that sees her hold the position. Can I rejoice and be glad that a woman usurped the Australian leadership?

As a homeschool mum I am teaching my children (the very little) that I know about the situation. How about you?

I know diddly-squat about politics but today, I am saddened.