Ack, what started as a good day turned sour. We left home and walked to the bus stop at 3pm. Just missed the bus! Waited for the next one but meanwhile ‘Miss R’ called me, panicking as to the whereabouts of her work uniform. I was dropping it at the mall for her to pick up after school, but I was late. She knew the bus wasn’t going to get us there on time so a friend started driving her down the roads to try and meet us. But the bus did come and we were on our way.

We reached the agreed meeting place and ‘Miss R’ was NOT there!!!! She was looking for me and getting herself into a right panic. Man, she should have trusted me more. I was going to call a taxi. My next call was to tuck the uniform under ‘Miss A’ ‘s arm and send her sprinting the 4km’s to work! Hey, I figure she’s an athlete who trains 2 hours a day so she should be up for it eh?

Anyway, ‘Miss R’ got to work okay. ‘Master J’ had a haircut. We did some shopping but realised that I had better not buy laundry detergent and toilet paper unless I wanted to carry it all home on the bus!

We went to ‘Miss R’ ‘s work to wait for her to finish. I didn’t know if she was coming home or if she had made plans to go to a friend’s place, so we waited. (I didn’t want her catching a bus home at 6pm- too late and dark), As it turns out, she did have plans but in all the kafuffle we hadn’t communicated. We all walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus. Bus trip. Departed bus and walked home where ‘Miss R’ ‘s friend was madly ringing the phone, calling to see if she was okay.  ‘Miss R’ goes out to friend’s house. Oh, DH is at work tonight and won’t be home until morning. These overnighter’s are a downer- especially with a teenage family.

'Miss A' 's Latte ArtThankfully, ‘Miss A’ is a bit of a health and fitness nut so she had prepared dough for healthy pizza and she fed us! Ah, thank you Lord! She spent the next hour madly practising her latte art for the Barista competition tomorrow. She’s pretty nervous. John and I are overdosed on coffee. My kitchen was overtaken by coffee beans, machines, grinders, cups, milk and everything else. One day I’ll blog about it as it has been a good experience, but I’ll be glad when this competition is over. if she is going to compete regularly we have planned to section an area off in the shed and she can practice out there. Sounds means? Wait till I post post photo’s of my kitchen!

That’s about it- day in the life of us…us with no car.