John & 'Master C'  '07

Argh, how frustrating it is to be without a car! I have ‘Miss A’ who is now taking public transport everywhere…and getting lost, ending up on the wrong side of town. ‘Miss R’ is okay as she usually takes the bus to school, friends, work and home again.

But it’s hurting me! I haven’t got a car to go and get groceries or get a haircut or pop to the library. Arghhh!

We are down to one car. DH’s work car blew a coil a few weeks ago but it wasn’t a problem then as he was away in Victoria with work so I had the van. But now he’s back (Yay) but takes the car to work everyday.

I’m used to going to the sore in the late morning or early afternoon so that I can get back home and have tea prepared by the time everyone comes home from work…but this hasn’t been happening. I’m all outta whack!

We went looking at private car sales yesterday but with no luck. ‘Miss A’ wants to buy a car with her savings. We’re looking at approximately $2000. but we want something that will be fairly reliable and safe. So in the meantime, it’s back to being car-less for yet another week.

Have I ever mentioned that I love progress and technology?