potpourriOh can’t you feel it? The colder months are behind us and the sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds. Ah, this is more like it.

I loved the Queensland weather. I was never cold. Then we came back down to South Australia and I can’t remember the last time I was warm. let alone hot. Now in all honesty, it isn’t that bad. Especially compared to Canberra or Victoria but I didn’t like the weather there either. But it’s spring and I can just feel the change! I’m so excited.

To herald in the warmer months, I thought it was time to redecorate. If I lived in my own home I would probably have planted spring bulbs or have stencilled some floral art work on the walls but this is our 7th home in 7 years so redecorating is not on my agenda. But I can redecorate my online home. So here’s my new theme. Yes, back to the lavender, muted purple colours. I can’t help but go back to florals. It was either that or coffee colours but I don’t need any encouragement in that area- I already drink too much coffee! I  hope this theme works for you. I’ve tested it on a few different browsers and it works for me.

So is anyone spring cleaning? Planting seedlings? Re-modelling? What personal or family projects do you have to work on over the spring months?

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