With my dh away I was able to wake up slowly and at a time when I wanted to- rather than jumping out of bed at 6am to prepare breakfast. I hopped up, made a cuppa and snuggled back in bed with a book. (I miss my hubby though) Then I showered and went around and opened up all the blinds, which in turn slowly woke the children up.

Today is not a normal day. Actually, as the children have gotten older we never have normal days. Each day is different, unusual and brings a new set of delights, eventful happenings, trials and tribulations.

Over breakfast (‘Miss A’ had an omelette while the boys had cereal), I read from the Scriptures and we talked about the Holy Spirit- how to hear Him in our lives and what role He plays. While sharing over pancakes we also started talking about the effects of guilt and how far we can go down the slippery slope- how important it is to keep listening to the Holy Spirit, how we need to shush more so we might hear. We then start talking about the requirements of a deacon and elder and how they must be of sound mind, self controlled, etc, We looked at various passages in 1Timothy. It was a productive yet informal time of getting round God’s word. ‘Miss R’ made pancakes for her breakfast so everyone sat down to Second Breakfast. ‘Miss R’ has a scheduled day off school today but we have an appointment at the school later on in the afternoon.

‘Miss A’ gets into her exercise plan, the boys start their bookwork and I sit down over a cappacino with ‘Miss R’ year old and we share in a deep and meaningful conversation about things in her life. We don’t get as much opportunity to do this anymore so I seize the moment whenever it presents itself.

We leave home at 12.45pm. ‘Miss A’ goes to work and I take ‘Miss R’ to the school as we have a Subject Planning meeting, in preparation for her Yr 11 studies next year. What was scheduled to be a 15min meeting took over an hour!! I don’t know why… ‘Miss R’ is then dropped at a friend’s house for the afternoon and evening.

They boys have finished their bookwork and ‘Master J’ is getting ready, ironing his uniform for Cadets tonight. Tuesday night is pretty hectic at our place, even more so when DH is away. Tuesday’s are not my favourite day but… that’s life.

I potter around the house, fixing potatoes and boiled eggs for tea, calling my dad and generally just ‘being at home and with the children’. I ring ‘Miss R’ quickly just to check in and say hi- and respond to her text messages. We (boys and I) eat a quick tea and head out the door at 5.30pm for Cadets. ‘Miss A’ leaves work and goes to softball training.

‘Master C’ and I head home, alone. (I enjoy the solitude but I miss my hubby) It’s so quiet. He has some quiet time on the computer (first for the day) while I do dishes and clean up then sit down to watch some tv. Not for long though!!!!!

We leave home at 9pm to pick ‘Miss A’ up from training. I printed out directions from whereis.com despite the fact that I vow and declare that I will never again trust them. Argh…I promise myself yet AGAIN that I will never trust their directions as we got lost, in the dark, again! I blamed ‘Master C’ ‘s navagting skills but it turned out that it wasn’t his fault at all. There was a No Through Road which was not marked on the directions!

Finally, we pick ‘Miss A’ up and by this time, the orange fuel light is glaring its horrid, hungry stare at me, threatening to go on a hunger strike. Argh! Fuel up! We continue on and pick ‘Master J’ up from Cadets and he talks us all silly about his night. lol. Actually he has met another Christian homeschooler, so that’s a bit of a bonus! Of course, a late night outing just isn’t complete with a quick drive-thru Macca’s to get a .50c cone eh!!! Then, we swing by ‘Miss R’ ‘s friends house and pick ‘Miss R’ up. Eventually, at 10.40pm we arrive home, tired, hungry and a little cold. (I can’t wait till hubby comes home)

Everyone fixes a snack for themselves and then s l o w l y starts to turn in for the night. ‘Miss A’ wants to talk and tell me about her day. She’s an early riser though and starts work at 8am tomorrow so she heads off to bed. ‘Miss R’ wants to talk again so makes me a cuppa and natters to me. ‘Master J’ is still running around, hyper from the evening activities-despite my pleadings and warnings for him to go to bed! 11pm is lights out and DH calls to say goodnight. We hang up at 11.45pm and then I mentally review the day and the children’s needs- I make a mental note to make sure we do some reading aloud tomorrow, but I am glad that we had such great discussions today. I thank the Lord for all His blessings and His abundance and I spend a few minutes in prayer for family before…zzzzzz zzzzzz…

Did I mention I’ll be extremely glad to see John???