I awoke at 6am and jumped in the shower while John watched the morning news in bed. He actually pretends to watch the news but I think he really snoozes! He showers and gets ready for work as I head to the kitchen to make grilled muffins with eggs for breakfast. ‘Miss A’ awakes and the three of us have breakfast together before John heads off to work at 7am. He has a long day today and won’t be home until about 10.30pm.

‘Miss A’ and I jump in the car as I drive her to work. Upon returning home, I remind ‘Miss R’ that it is time to get up. I open the boys blinds and let the sunshine stream into their bedrooms as I greet them with a hug and kiss and a loud ‘good morning!’ John and ‘Master C’ take quite a few minutes to wake up so they follow me into the kitchen and watch me as I prepare their muffins for breakfast. I steal a few minutes to clean my bathroom and put on a load of laundry. Over breakfast, I ask John to unstack the dishwasher and drainer board from last night. ‘Master C’ ‘s chore is to re-stack the dishwasher while I take ‘Miss R’ to school. Upon my return, the boys have nearly finished their chore. John then gets the vacuum cleaner out and vacuums the entire house, while ‘Master C’ cleans all the mirrors and a few windows and screens in the house. They have done all their chores without grumbling and complaining and I tell them how proud I am of their choices and attitudes. I have a 30min break on the computer to quickly check boards and emails while the boys finish building their current lego construction.

At 10am, we sit down to start our more formal part or ‘Table Time’ of learning. Today I read from the gospel of Matthew where Jesus feeds Five Thousand and we talk about how Jesus is able to meet all our needs. We discuss how Jesus thought of other’s needs more than His own…we want to be more like Jesus, considering the needs of other’s before we consider our own needs. We discuss what it means to have a giving heart as compared to a selfish heart. We give thanks to God for His word, that we are able to learn more about Him and we ask that He do a work in us…that we may consider others more highly than ourselves. The boys and I take turns in reading from the Scriptures in their own Bibles. I love seeing them become familiar with learning the books of the Bible and seeing them thumb through God’s word to find the relevant book, chapter and verse. 🙂 We also read and discuss another chapter in our catechism: Training Heart, Training Minds.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.
Philippians 2:3

Then I read from Herein is Love: Genesis. We’re only up to chapter 12. But we’re getting there…slowly. It is now nearly Elevenses, time for Second Breakfast. The boys prepare pikelets with jam while I read another chapter from Boyhood and Beyond. This chapter is about Justice. Then we head into the lounge room for a snuggle while I read a few chapters from our current read aloud book, Kingdom’s Call by Chuck Black. Midway through the chapter, ‘Miss A’ calls from work to say *hi*. 😀 After read aloud, of which the boys do not want to stop, it is time for a little independant work. John starts a lesson of Math-U-See while ‘Master C’ completes a page in each workbook. He has a book on Building Your Thinking Skills and Writing & Comprehension Skills. He also does copy work and then goes outside for a bounce and thinking time on the trampoline. 🙂 Meanwhile, I sit at the computer, do a quick round of the forums and email and start to compose this post. Ooh, ‘Miss R’ emails me from school, during her English class, so I respond to her and give her my perspective on her upcoming debating topic. (yes, the homeschool mama never stops homeschooling, even when they go to school!)

The phone rings. Usually I screen calls when I am busy but not when I know it is my lovely family…and it is! ‘Miss A’ calls me to remind me about softball training tonight. Then John calls me from out whoop whoop somewhere so I really want to take that call. I call him back and we chat for a few minutes. He reminds me of a few phone chores I must tend to. I don’t like being on the phone a lot- although I can laugh at the irony of that statement. 😀 Meanwhile the phone is beeping at me with call waiting, which I despise but can’t be bothered to turn it off; I just don’t use it. It is my Dad so I have to call him back. Meanwhile the boys are making themselves their lunch. I’m not phased by this as I made them a good breakfast and had some quality time with them.

Another quick check of email and answered a few posts and paid for some curriculum. Maybe I’ll have some lunch now too. Nope, took a business call which lasted 15 minutes and then I run like a mad woman to the car to pick ‘Miss R’ up from school. We stop off to get petrol and I give her a lesson on how to fuel up the car. We drive home (yabba yabba yabba all the way home) and we sit in the car for about 10 minutes as she tells me of her day.

We’ve only got a few minutes before we go out again to pick ‘Miss A’ up so we all sit on our computer’s for a spell. ‘Miss R’ is checking a few sites for a homework assignment while the boys play a PC game and I check Aussie Homeschool Ads and continue this post. 😉

Out the door to get ‘Miss A’ and home again…but not for long! We spend 40 minutes catching up and then we head out the door again to drop her at training. After having a few healthy meals lately, tonight is CatchWhatYaCan for tea. ‘Miss R’ and I spend a bit of time on the Internet designing her new blog. It’s clean up time and then shower time before we head out to pick ‘Miss A’ up from training. She fixes something for tea and then we settle down to watch a show on television.

John arrived home at 9.30pm as I was on my way to bed. ‘Miss A’ had gone to bed, as had the boys although they were still awake reading (John is hooked on the Terrestria Chronicles and ‘Master C’ was engrossed in his Bible). John and I had a few minutes of catching up and then ‘Miss R’ sat with him for while and they talked before she went to bed.

Whew, that was my day. It wasn’t terribly exciting but it has changed in appearance and structure over the last few months and years. I’m not longer in the world of toddlers but my children are growing and emerging and developing. I do a fair bit of driving around on some days but not all days are that hectic with me out of the home.

I did want to blog about my thoughts on the purpose of the law but it seems that I won’t get to it for another few days. Oh well, it will happen.

Anyone care to share a day from their week? If so, please leave a comment or trackback so I can read your post!