To the person who is visiting this site and using the information and ideas contained therein, to promote their own website or forum without giving due credit I would ask again that you stop it. You know who you are. My site stats know who you are too. You can see that I write not for my own glory but for the encouragement of others. You can see that after the most recent activity of plagiarism I wrote a new copyright page and have joined copyscape. I see that you have indeed taken these same ideas and put them on to your own forum. I have always tried to acknowledge those who have helped or inspired or ministered to me in some way. Anyone who visits this blog would know that I have been deeply inspired by the writings of Robin Sampson and Sally Clarkson- I don’t try to hide that in any way. I believe that imitation is a form of flattery so I am slightly flattered that you choose to draw inspiration from my site, but it would be nice to treat others in the same way you would like to be treated. If you have put up a copyscape icon it means that you’d like others to treat your writings and content with respect. I would like to think that you would do likewise with my content.

To those who have no idea what I am raving on about, please ignore this post and I’ll get back to regular blogging soon. 😉