New mercies

My blogging sabbatical started by choice but it ended up being enforced, by illness. I’ve had a flu for 4 weeks and even though I am still not better I am on the mend and starting to resume to my normal duties. Four weeks ago I started getting sick but I didn’t take the rest: I had things to do, places to go, people to see. I got sicker. Every weekend I’d just start to feel better and within a day I’d get sick again but with slightly different symptoms. The flu symptoms moved from my head to the chest to the throat to the sinuses. I don’t recall ever being that ill with the flu.

Our family has been under stress for a few years now. The stress peaks and flows depending upon life and family circumstances but has increasingly peaked over the last few years. I believe that this stress has contributed to the lowering of our immune system, which is why we have gotten so sick and why we’re having such troubles recovering from it. However I have been proactive in trying to recover and build our strength. We’re juicing fresh fruit and vegetables, trying to eat healthier food and be more regular with taking our supplements. We will get better… it’s just a matter of time.

The next two months aren’t likely to be easy for our family as we continue to build strength but John also goes away for the month of October. He’s been working very long hours (14 hour days) at work, even though he too is recovering from the flu. Suffice to say that we are really looking forward to Christmas holidays!

Thank you

I want to thank each of you who prayed for me and for our family. Thank You! Despite the heaviness of the sickness I know that God is in control of our lives. Thank you also to those two lovely ladies who phoned me, just to say hi and to pray with me. You both know who you are but what you don’t know is how much your calls meant to me. They came at a time when I was feeling quite low in spirit. I was sick of being sick and feeling a bit lonely. Those phone calls, enquiring after me and praying with me really lifted my spirits. Thank you for reaching out to me. We started out as online friends but we know that we are more than that for we are Sisters in Christ.

I’m back to writing! I have missed it. I have so many things I’d like to share but as I’ve often found, when I have time, I have nothing much to say. When I have something to say, I lack time to write. Ah, what a quandary! Four weeks of being sick, watching tv, reading snippets of books and lots of time to think has meant that my mind is bouncing like the ball in a pinball machine. However I really must get my home back in order. Surely you can imagine what four weeks of Mumma being ill will do to a place, regardless of how great and helpful the children are! It is enough to say that I need to spend some focussed energy and time on the house and laundry.

Looking forward to re-joining the blogosphere!