I don’t write much about our homeschooling journey any more. Maybe I just talked myself out. New readers who have only been reading for awhile may not be aware that this site is 7 years old and I used to talk about home based learning and educational philosophy. So, I’ve rummaged through the archives and grabbed what I think are some of the better posts on this topic.

My Articles

Charlotte Mason Part One, Part Two, Part Three.
Our Story– Beginning the Journey
Something missing
Mapping the course- as pilot
Finding direction- as co-pilot
Developing vision
Animal school- a parable
Putting it all together
Tips for Getting Started in Homeschooling

Educational Philosophy

What is the Primary Purpose of Homeschooling?
Our Lifestyle of Learning- Educational Philosophy
Identity Directed Approach
The Animal School Parable
Ages and Stages of Learning
Make the Most of a Book/Curricula Fair
Teaching Character or a Moral Code
Academic Growth Spurts – how children grow
How Do You Learn?

General Helps

Some Good Homeschooling Books
Curriculum Planning the HomeGrownKids way – using the Four P’s.
History Scope & Sequence
Course Requirements for History Program Using Living Books
How to Schedule with Heart of Wisdom
Bible Lessons with Little Ones- Using Heart of Wisdom
Homeschooling with Little Ones
Learning with Different Ages & Levels Part OnePart Two
Time Management
Homeschooling Through Sickness
Create Your Family Mission Statement
Our Daily Rhythms or Block Scheduling the Day

General Thoughts

Should You Register for Homeschooling?
Teenage Rebellion in Homeschool Families
The Sacred Cows of Homeschooling
Are Your Children Bored? Boredom Busters
Discerning the Value of Hobbies
Homeschooling is…
Homeschoolig Facilitates…

Homeschooling the HomeGrownKids Way

Our Homeschooling Timeline
Our Family Principles
Composition the HomeGrownKids Way
Teach Your Children to Read Aloud – the why and how to of reading aloud
Bible Study Scope & Sequence
Using the 5W’s and a H in Teaching
English Lessons the HomeGrownKids Way
Learning to Read the HomeGrownKids Way
Record Keeping the HomeGrownKids Way
Shakespeare Study the HomeGrownKids Way
Geography the HomeGrownKids Way
Teaching the Children to Plan & Record Using Index Cards
Appreciating Poetry
Our Sabbath Year – A Year Off of Homeschooling
Using A Voice Recorder with Auditory Learners
Delight Directed Education for Our Girls
Good Books to Read Before They Leave Home
High School L PLates
Grade 7 Schedule
2006 The Year in Review
Reviewing the Year
Setting Up A Schedule
I Think I Am An Unschooler
Opening Doors for our children
Bookwork learning for our 13yo
Learning through Open Access College
Unschooling or School At Home – Which Is It?
Year 9 Daily Schedule

Diary Days

A Tuesday
The Next Day
A Monday
Another Diary Day
An August Monday
The Next Day in August, Tuesday
A Day In the Life of A Teen

Book Reviews

Upgrade: 10 Secrets to the Best Education for Your Child
Upgrade Part Two- Further Thoughts
The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach

Personal Thoughts

I Was A Homeschool Phony
Back to Basics Homeschooling
Home Education in Australia over the Last 10 Years – Through My Eyes
Training Children in Innocence or Ignorance