It’s nowhere near finished. It currently looks like something that the cat dragged in. But it is up and running. My website, that is. If you’re reading this in a feed reader you won’t notice but I took the site down, deleted 50% of the posts and started again with a whole new design. No, it isn’t just that I’m bored. Ah, far from it. But it does fit in with my streamlining plans for the future.

You may notice that there are now 3 navigation bars: one at the very top linking to pages and the secondary menu linking to categories. The 3rd menu is at the very bottom of the page and contains all the boring but necessary stuff, like my new Disclaimer/Disclosure policy. The other page you may notice is the “Things I Like” page where I link to some products and services that I like.
I know that the rotating image viewer on the front page is all skewiff but with the wedding in 17 days I can’t afford to devote any more time to it just yet. I’m also aware that there are broken links but again, that will have to wait until after the wedding.

For now, it is quite pedestrian and wrinkly but over time I’ll get it straightened out. If you notice a particular design problem, and want to shoot me a quick email I’d be most appreciative.