“We have reduced Him to a poor puny Savior who needs us to accept HIM?”

I’m not too sure that Mr Platt is preaching a theological treatise rather a message to those who use this style of contemporary evangelism.

I was ‘born again’ in a Christian revival Crusade… and went from there to the AOG. I have raised my hand, repented, recommitted my life, been down to the front and accepted Christ as my Saviour more times that I can count on two hands and feet. And none of it was necessary. I was caught up in playing the game of church Christian but I was living in the fullness of the Lordship of Christ. I was a baby Christian, lapping up milk instead of growing and moving on to solid food.

Altar calls where the continuous call is, “Are you willing to commit your life to following Jesus?” or “Are you willing to allow Jesus Christ to take over as King and ruler of your life?”

What is really being said is “Accept Christ…receive Christ…make a decision for Christ.”

Where does it say in Scripture that a Christian is to make Christ Lord? When did accepting Christ become an evangelistic message?

Christ does indeed call us. But from my perusal over Scripture, He calls the one who is already a believer.There are calls to discipleship, calls to death, calls to sacrifice, calls to laying down one’s life, calls to obedience, calls to submission and so on…

“If you confess with your mouth Jesus as… what… Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.”
Romans 10: 9