Study Bible coverThose of you who know me will probably have gathered that we place great importance upon the Bible. I love the Narrated Chronological Bible with its running commentary.A few weeks ago, when DH and I were in Word he showed me a new Bible but I gasped at the price. I thought I’d come home and do an online search to find out if I could source it cheaper. I couldn’t. By the time I’d gotten back to Word, they had completely sold out. So, I ordered one and I received last week.

It’s great! It’s called the Archaeological Study Bible– an illustrated walk through Biblical History and Culture.For those that like a Bible-First approach to home-based-learning, this looks like a great study tool. It will provide a wonderful and rich resource, especially when used in conjunction with other study tools, like the Victory Journey through the Bible.

It is a NIV with full colour illustrations, a bonus CD-Rom, study notes, articles, and much more.

I won’t rave on about it anymore. You can go to the website and download a free 90 page sample for yourself!