‘A’ has been using a wonderful book to enhance her understanding of New Testament readings. She currently uses “The Narrated Bible” and this is a chronological Bible with a small commentary at the beginning of each section. This is good and ‘A’ is enjoying it. However, I finally got around to working out the schedule to combine her Bible reading with a great book called, “The Victor Journey Through the Bible“, by V. Gilbert Veers. This book goes through the Bible story by story! It is really connecting the dots for my daughter. This book goes story by story through the Bible from Genesis through to Revelation. It has many good pictures, maps and background information.

If you want to read through the Bible in a chronological order but don’t have a Bible that is arranged that way, you can download this plan, from Heart of Wisdom, and print it to use.

Click Here For Bible Checklist

To see more about the many uses for the Narrated Bible you can visit the HOW site:

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You can see more of the “Victor Journey through the Bible” book here:

Click Here For Information on the Victor Journey through the Bible

And no, I don’t work for HOW…just really like the philosophy and products 🙂