vegeieblog tagged me!? If you get tagged you have to tell what your day TODAY was like…really!? Not what you wish it’d been like or what you’d planned for it to be like, but how it really turned out.

Okay, but of all days to get tagged it HAD to be today…OF COURSE!!!!!! Today was not a usual day for us…but in the spirit of honesty, here goes:

The alarm pulsated in my ear, forcing my face deeper into the pillow. How rude- it was only 5.45am and I was NOT ready to greet the day. So, for the first time in *ages*, I didn’t get up before my hubby and I didn’t even make his breakfast! Instead, he made some toast for the children and brought me a cup of tea and a panadol before he left for work. My head hit the pillow again and I started to ZZZZZZZ off again when 14yodd came in to say good morning. I asked her to supervise the boys cleaning the breakfast mess while I continued to doze and hoped that the thumping headache would subside. The peace and quiet lasted for a whole half an hour before same 14yodd came in to *talk*. This is only alright because she didn’t come empty handed. She brought me another cuppa.? So, for the next 2 hours we sat on my bed and talked…chatted about life, relationships, siblings, the future, this weekend, her social life and her softball life.

I emerged from the shower feeling a little more eager to greet the day…only to go into the kitchen and see that nothing had been cleaned up. Where was this darling 14yodd? Oh, suddenly she is busy doing her lessons! Yeah right!!!! Hang on a minute, now both boys are also SUDDENLY engrossed in their lessons! Now, before you get the wrong idea, let me tell you that this was not a history or geography lesson but it was English and Maths! Oh Puhleeze!!!!!!!? Meany mother that I am, I pulled them away from their ever-so distracting yet obviously engrossing lessons and I shadowed them as they cleaned and tidied the kitchen. THEN, they could go on with some lessons.

I did a quick email check and decided that it was about time I moved my blog from its previous residence. Yeah well, these things never happen quickly, do they?

Hubby came home for lunch, then it was clean-up. The girls had a few more lessons to finish and then they also helped the boys a little with their own lessons while I pottered on the computer.

Before I knew it, it was 4.30pm and hubby was home. Thankfully, 12yodd was more than happy to cook tea for tonight, which is no easy feat in our home of 7. We’re having a Tuna Pie and she has also made a Fruit Crumble with Whipped Cream for dessert. 🙂

I feel physically lousy today, and usually when I feel like this I start to feel mentally and emotionally lousy too…however, I have at least given some one-on-one time to each child today. they have had some uninterrupted time with some eye contact and hugs, so all is not lost.

So, I ask myself, did I learn anything today about the nature of God, myself or the children? I have to be honest and say that I can’t think of anything, thinking makes my head hurt today…but tomorrow’s a new day!