“God’s initial goal for Christian homeschooling families is not the raising of godly children. Instead, God’s wonderful, but subtly hidden agenda is that the homeschooling experience be so challenging for the parents that they feel the need and hunger for a closer walk with their heavenly Father.”

~Wisdom’s Way of Learning by Marilyn Howshall

How is this for the truth? Hard hitting eh? Challenging eh? It sure changes my perspective on homeschooling!

A goal may be a good education and a good job or career or even to have children who are saved but the ULTIMATE goal is that we walk closer with our Father. And all this time I’ve thought it was only about The Children…For Their Sake. But there’s a purpose in here for me!

We are living our lives by loving and glorifying Him. I often think of this quote when I’m about to yell at my kids or look around at my eternally untidy house. There’s a reason for all this … so maybe I’d better get to the business of that reason and stop lingering on the computer.