Here are a few good resources for your encouragement, information and edification.

Dr. Voddie Baucham:
Child Training – 49 min.
Baucham+Washer Q&A pt1.
Baucham+Washer Q&A pt2.

Paul Washer Family Series:
pt 1: Adolesence and Obedience -53 min
pt 2: Honour, the Gateway to Blessings -52 min
pt 3: Responsibility, the Duty of Fathers -49 min
pt 4: Father, Where are You? -52 min
Paul Washer-Recreational Dating is Unbiblical

Matt Haney:
Matt Haney-Excellent 3 part Parenting- Children Series.

Ray Comfort:
How to Bring Your Children To Christ -57 min
True and False Conversion -64 min