Several months ago, John and I recently became grandparents.  We went from simply being parents to being grandparents of three babies. All within three months! How did that happen? Having two babies at once will do that.

Our eldest daughter (AbiGrace) had twin girls in mid February. Oh, they are just beautiful.  They are now five months old and growing each day. Our youngest daughter, (20yo) gave birth to a bonny boy a few month later in mid May. He is shaping up to be a typical Priolo lad – growing at a ferocious rate!


Our twin grand-daughters

I was blessed to be present for the arrival of all three grandchildren. Yes, I truly have seen my girls at their best and their worse. And I count myself very fortunate indeed.

I’ve been busy helping the girls when and where it is appropriate. I try not to overwhelm them with my thoughts, ideas and advice… they have enough of that already. Besides they know they can always call me if they feel the need.

This is truly a most precious time of life – being a grandparent. It is a whole new season of life. I love how life seasons overlap each other. It adds to the fun and richness of life. I see the grand-babies regularly and am reminded of how tiring the early years of motherhood can be. I love having them visit but I also appreciate my pillow that night, knowing that I will get many hours of uninterrupted sleep. But all things in their time. I am well past the baby and toddler years so there is no point in looking back. I seek grace to embrace each new season as it comes my way, courage to let go of the season that has passed and wisdom to know which season I am in.