Best of 2009

Y’know I never can tell how to best write these sorts of posts. Do I count the top 10 as the ones I enjoyed writing the most or the ones that received the most comments or…you know, it’s all rather relative to the individual eh?

Top 12 posts (according to comments received)

Homeschooling isn’t about education
Parent of best friend?
My domestic science routine
Before… and during (health & fitness)
Thoughts on blogging… but what to blog?
Blender dilemma solved – green smoothies
11 weeks of exercising
Yes! I’m throwing a temper tantrum
Do you tweet?
Is my freedom your bondage?
Mini master chef– our lasagne
The Shack

Yet the above list differs a lot from the next list. Below are the posts that I enjoyed writing or that were close to my heart.


My confession– ducks in a row
Good works – relationship over religion
Which Bible to use?


Our family principles


How we parent


Our lesson on Proverbs 26:17
Reposting of my thoughts on the Passion of the Christ


Forgiven much
Living by grace… or Law
Cows and codes
My exercising epiphany
Exercising my options
My thorn in the flesh
Only but not lonely (my childhood)


Delight Directed Learning
Our Story: Beginning to homeschool
Something missing…
Mapping the course- as the pilot
Getting the direction – as co-pilot
Developing the vision
Putting it together


Surviving a book fair


New season of learning


Using the 5W’s and a H to teach


My lesson for today


To celebrate or not to celebrate…
Who, why, what, when and where of Christmas in our home

or… you could just visit the archives 🙂 Leave me a alink to your top 10 so I can visit or better yet, pop over and leave your link at the AussieHomeschool Blog- Best of 2009