Subject and resources for Master C, who is 13 years old.

o Copywork and Dictation, Poetry, Writing and Writing Guides.
o Jump In by Sharon Watson
o Basic Skills English Workbook Grade 9
o Shakespeare Stories by Lamb and Garfield. (Reading the story, do activities with mum, then read the play and watching an appropriate movie version)
o Wide range of age appropriate fiction and non fiction
o Cyberguides to be used with selected literature.
o Writer’s Inc.
o Basic Skills- Developing Your Thinking Skills
o Walker Book of Classic Poets and Poetry

o Math U See – Epsilon and Zeta
o Mathsonline (for reinforcement and review)
o Life of Fred- Fractions by Stanley F. Schmidt

o Living books, TV, Movies, general community, museum trip, art gallery trip, Internet research.
o A Child’s Geography: Explore the Holy Land – by Ann Voskamp & Tonia Peckover
o Australia, The Wide Brown Land for Me! by Linda Maher
o Special days, public holidays, Christian holidays, festivals, community events, etc.

o Discussion
o Appropriate movies and TV with discussion
o Appropriate fiction/non fiction books
o Abeka Health Semester 1
o Home and community
o Air Force Cadets – drill and activities.

o Fixing computers.
o Caleb maintains a web-log where he records his thoughts and daily activities as well his observations from his hobby, Astronomy.
o Continue proficiency in computer usage and various programs such as MS Word, Excel, WordPress, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
o Photography Unit Study from CurrClick
o Continue with photography, editing and uploading of images.
o Father (John) is a Fitter/Turner Cert IV Mech Engineering and OH&S Rep in the Defence Force.

o Wide variety of music is listened to in the home where we use narration and discussion to analyse, interpret and simply enjoy the style.
o Various artists are studied each year, where we learn a little about the artist’s life, completing a biographical sketch of their life and view several pieces of their work and learn a little about the techniques used and discuss our thoughts on the piece.

SCHEDULE… on a bookwork day.
o Maths – MUS – daily
o Maths – Life of Fred – once per week
o English – copywork, literature, poetry, and workbook – daily.
o Shakesepare stories – one story per term
o Geography – 1 chapter per 2 weeks
o Logic – Develop Thinking Skills – one page per day
o Science – Basic Science Mysteries – daily
o Science Astronomy books – free time
o Art/Music Appreciation – once per week
o Bible reading – four times per week
o Chores – daily
o Exercise – 4-5 times per week

It all looks rather official, doesn’t it? It sounds like a lot of bookwork but it isn’t really. It is simply part of our life, documented and set out in such a way as to meet any state or legal requirements.