The view in my kitchen this morning at 9am.

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It has only taken me over 20 years but finally am able to manage a clean and shiny sink most days of the week. Yes, this has been regularly happening since before Christmas but I didn’t want to get overly excited too quickly and have egg on my face. But it’s been a few months now and I love it!

How did this happen?

1) My children grew up! No longer do I have toddlers, rather children who can contribute to the running of the home and do chores.
2) Clearing off most of the benches in the kitchen. I don’t know why but having a clear kitchen makes me more likely to go in there.
3) Getting rid of the dish drainer! The dish drainer was always full of clean dishes, just begging to be put away. But we never did. Put them away. We simply used the drainer as more of a second cupboard. So I got rid of it by hiding it in the cupboard. Now it only comes out for special occasions like a large family meal. So my mother as right all along. Who woulda thunk it? She always told me to dry the dishes as soon as you wash them. There, it’s quite simple really. Pffft! Easier said than done. Of course it also helps having a dishwasher.   :yes:

An apology

To the mums of younger children – I apologise. If I had read a post like this a few years ago I would probably have wanted to spit chips. But please don’t be cross with me for sharing my little celebration with you. One day…. a few years from now, you too may have a clean, tidy sink. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it’s just a hangup of mine. 😉  I remember often feeling that while the years seemed to fly by the days seemed to drag- nappies, mess, meals, laundry, etc. the never-ending-ness of it all is quite wearing. But… take heart, this too shall pass! Enjoy the journey, whatever stage you’re at.


I don’t believe it is possible to be a homeschooling mum of more than one young child and have a clean, tidy sink. If you do- you need to stop fussing with the sink and go and be with your children!