Oooh, it’s so exciting! Another homeschool supply business is serving the needs of Australian homeschoolers.

Credo Trust is operated by a friend of mine, Joelle. She is a long time home educator of her five children. The aim of Credo Trust is to encourage families to continue teaching their children through the highschool years. They will provide you with an excellent array of products to help you achieve wonderful results and provide interesting learning for your family.

They have an assortment of curricula and books. Credo Trust aims to build a supply of great biographies, historical fiction, and reference and living books to assist you in whatever learning style you favour.

Do pop over there and take a look around their website. You can even receive updates to their catalogue via RSS. Be sure to let them know that Susan says *hi*. 🙂

Credo Trust
Family and Educational Resources

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