I don’t wish to start debate or controversy but I have to wonder how far away we are, as Australians, from scenes such as this?

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Homeschooler Told by Police ?You Have No Rights?

In September 2007, a single homeschool mother and her two elementary age children left their Florida home to go to New York to visit her father, who was recovering from triple bypass surgery.

Mrs. Denard (name changed to protect family?s privacy) was able to teach her children in her father?s apartment while assisting him with his recovery.

Everything was going well until, unfortunately, a neighbor made an anonymous tip to the Department of Human Services. A social worker came to the apartment and left a card when she could not reach the Denard family. Mrs. Denard dutifully called the social worker, who said she would return the next day to investigate allegations that the children were not in school.

In the meantime, Mrs. Denard contacted Home School Legal Defense Association and talked with Attorney Tj Schmidt. He said that the easiest way to clear up the case would be for Mrs. Denard to get the notice of intent that she filed faxed to her so that she could show compliance with Florida homeschool law.

When the social worker came to the apartment the next day Mrs. Denard, aware of her Fourth Amendment rights, opened the door while keeping the chain on, and handed the Florida Notice to Homeschool to the social worker. Mrs. Denard also explained that she was just visiting for a few weeks to nurse her father back to health.

The social worker?s response was very aggressive. She demanded entry into the apartment to ?strip search? the children to see if they had any bruises. She shoved the papers back to Mrs. Denard, exclaimed she did not want them, and demanded entry into the apartment. The mother steadfastly refused, even though she was shaking and scared to death.

The social worker then called the police, who came to the scene and also demanded entry. When Mrs. Denard explained through the chained door that she had certain rights under the Fourth Amendment, they told her ?You have no rights!? They furthermore said that if she did not let them in, she would be guilty of ?obstructing justice? and a total of three felonies. In the meantime, Mrs. Denard was trying to call on HSLDA?s emergency line.