Are you getting ready for the Bible Study, Seeing Jesus in Genesis: The Promised One? We’ll “meet” once a week, starting on Monday. You have all week to join in! It is an affordable online bible study class for everyone.
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How to Participate in The Promised One Bible Study

  • Purchase a copy of Seeing Jesus in Genesis, The Promised One (details here)
  • Introduce yourself: Post a comment on the Meet n Greet Bible Study Page with your name, where you are from, and answer to this question- What is your favorite story from the Old Testament?

How do I subscribe to the Bible study?

I recommend that you sign up to get the blog posts by email. Look in the right sidebar of this page or at the bottom of every post and you’ll see a place to put your email address, or click here to register for the email updates. This will lead you to Feedburner, a blog tool that allows me to send you posts by email. Your email address is protected and I do not sell or spam you with information.

What day and time do we meet?

Unlike a traditional Bible study where you travel to a location we are meeting online. However, we all have different time zones and times of availability, which is the beauty of online study! We can be flexible. So we aren’t meeting online at one specific time.

How do I participate in this online study?

Similar to a Bible study group IRL, I’ll ask questions about the current lesson. Please post a comment and answer or ask another question. You may share as little or as much as you feel comfortable in doing. You might also like to ask for prayer. This is a great opportunity to learn from one another so all questions and comments can be beneficial and helpful. Participation will make this study more productive.

Each week you should complete the Personal Bible Study (PBS) section of the study. You might like to read the the Teaching Chapter for the next week on the weekend before the new study starts. (This will make more sense once you have the book and have started)

What church am I affiliated with?

I am non-denominational and any/all Christian women are welcome to join me. (See more about what I believe here) However, please be aware that the book we are using as our study guide is from a Reformed Protestant perspective.

What happens if you missed the starting week or need to take a few weeks off?

Again, the beauty of online study allows you to not ‘fall behind’. The discussions, notes and questions aren’t removed so you can catch up whenever you are able!

I’m looking forward to seeing Jesus in Genesis with you!