There is something special and beautiful about hanging one’s clean laundry on the line. I love the fresh crispness of the clothes… knowing that they’ve been additionally whitened, brightened and deodorised by the shining sun. I still use the dryer for some things like socks and underwear and I might also throw the towels in the drier just to fluff them up a little. The added benefit of using the line to dry clothes is that they last longer! Have you ever noticed all the lint that collects in the lint filter of the drier? A lot of that is the clothes slowly wearing away… a good reason to line dry.


In fact I love my washing machine! I love the convenience…but I must tell you that the cleaning power doesn’t come close to that of twin tubs, let alone the old wringer washing machine my mum used to use. On more than one occasion dad offered to buy her an automatic washing machine but she wouldn’t take him up on the offer – she didn’t mind the hard work and she loved the results! I’ve often said to John that our next machine should be a twin tub machine…but we’ll wait and see. It would take a bit of a mind switch for me to develop a new weekly laundry routine, but I’m sure I would manage. What is your laundry routine?