Am I the only low-energy homeschooling mum around?

Due to megaloblastic anemia, B12 deficiency, low folate levels and being unfit, I find that I am very low on energy, both physical and mental. While everyone else seems to be running around, doing various activities with their children, I am barely making it through each day, and each week. It’s a matter of dragging myself out of bed and just putting one foot in front of the other. Is anyone else like this?

As my problems are predominantly nutritional, and I can get myself back to a place where I’m able to cope with the normal demands of life, it can be hard how to imagine how I get like this? But let me tell ya, it isn’t that hard to do. Once you’re down, it’s very hard to do those things which you know will help you.

So, if there is anyone else hiding in the woodwork, could ya please come out and let me know I’m not alone.