(originally written in 2003)


We enjoy all styles of music from Colin Buchanan to Tchaikovsky, from Charlotte Church (Voice of an Angel) to the Military Bagpipes. We have studied Beethoven, Handel, and Mozart; Hymns, Choruses, Folk Songs, and all other forms of music. We have used book by Ann Rachlin, “The Famous Children” series and the “World Greatest Composer’s” by Mike Venezia. I use “Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers” by Patrick Kavanaugh.

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We have learned about some artists such as, Albrecht Durer, Mary Cassatt, Caravaggio and Albert Namitjirra and also enjoyed doing some picture studies by various artists.

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Colouring Pages

There are so many colouring books to be found online that I’d be here all day trying to list them. Usually a google search will find you what you need. See also:


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