I try not to be an alarmist or to be freaked out by progressive technology…but, I don’t like the sound of Australia’s new ‘progressive’ move toward the SmartCard.

Apparently, the access card will replace 17 health and social services cards and vouchers across the Human Services portfolio. Once registered, people will only need to show their card when they want to access Government services.

The card itself will have the cardholder?s name, a digital photograph, their signature and card number in clear view, while a smart card chip in the card will store a photo, address, date of birth and details of any children or other dependants. The card will also provide cardholders with the option to voluntarily store other information such as emergency contact details, allergies, health alerts, chronic illnesses, immunisation information and organ donor status.

While this card is not compulsory, by the year 2010 it is expected that people will only be able to obtain government health and social service benefits if they have an access card!!! So, it may not be compulsory but, if you want to receive benefits,and to get along with daily life you may not be able to do so without your smart card! But…it’s not compulsory, eh?

What happens after people realise that this card can be stolen? Where do we go then? Enquiring minds want to know.

Surely, I’m not the only one concerned about this?