Well, we’re moving! It will all be happening soon. I think most people know how excited we are…but I’m also getting nervous.

We’ve just had 18 months of solitude, where we didn’t get out and about very much or meet many people. That season was good for a time but boy, I’m glad to be moving to a place where it will be easier to get around. But, I’m also a little apprehensive. Once again, for the second time in 4-5 years, I’m moving to a new place where there will be lovely people…but those lovely people have been happily living their lives, content without me. I often feel like people don’t need me- I need people!

It can be tiring meeting new people, especially in group settings where they might have known each other for years and they share many common bonds. Again, they’re doing fine without knowing me…but it is my family who needs them. Maybe I’m not used to feeling vulnerable.?? Something else I’ll have to put before the Lord and ask Him to refresh me anew and give me strength and courage to face.

We’ve been talking about new habits to institute when we move. Often moving into a new house can be an ideal time as habits can be *hung on new pegs*. Some of the things we’d like to discuss further are:

  • Family Bible study time
  • Father/Child dates
  • Family games time
  • Re-organise morning routine

Also, I suppose that my computer habits will change as I get out and about…getting out of the home a little more might see me on the ‘pooter less. Not a bad thing though, eh? There were more things that we were discussing but I can’t think of them at the moment.