Hmmm, I see that when my life is busy, my posts dry up. It’s that life is happening all around me and I’m not reading as much, nor thinking as much…I’m in a season of ‘doing’. I’m living life…just everyday things that I choose not to post about, nor would they be of much interest to anyone else. Thus, my blog has been quiet. I’ll play catchup and share a few recent happenings though. ‘Miss R’ started a part time job! Yes, she managed to get some work at the same place that ‘Miss A’ works, a cake and coffee cafe. I’m so grateful to the boss as he takes on youngsters and allows their hours to be fairly flexible, the pay is award wages and it is quite a relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for a first job. Naturally, we expect their work ethic (that is being developed) to be of a high standard. I think that the part time work for ‘Miss R’ has been beneficial for her.

Last weekend, ‘Miss A’ and I were at a softball tournament. It was the U19 Women’s State Championship and our team was undefeated all the way- including the Grand Final. Mind you, tournaments like that are never much fun for either tea: the party being beaten or the team who is obviously not being challenged. There have been some good avenues for discussion from that weekend. The end of the tournament also brings the announcement of the QLD State Squad. We didn’t know how ‘Miss A’ would go as she is fresh out of U16 but to our delight and surprise, she was selected! The squad trains together twice a week (as well as they individual fitness training and their individual position training) and then they have a weekend camp in November where the team is selected. It’s always a tumultuous time whether one is selected or not. While one is selected, another girl misses out. The QLD State Team will be competing in Tasmania in 2008 against all the other states. She has a lot of work to do in the hope of making the team. She also starts a second part time job this week.

‘Miss R’ is having some confusion over life at school. I partly expected this as once one starts to earn money I think that they start to view their world, their life in a different way. However, she told me that she hasn’t used a pen or pencil at school all last term! (She knows how I feel about things like that) Being a computer literate family means she is weary of all her lessons being done on the computer at school. She also feels that there is not enough structure for her to learn effectively- she is missing any sort of one on one instruction, which I consider to be weird considering that she is at a school. However, my thoughts need to be proactive and not just ones of “Well, duh!”. We will spend the next few weeks discussing her options as she wants to do well for Yr10.

The boys are just wonderful, pottering along slowly but steadily with their lessons. I had to laugh at John the other day. I asked him why he wasn’t doing his Flying Creatures Science book and he said he feels he needs a break from it as it was becoming boring and that he’ll pick it up again when he feels ready! Ha! I laughed and marveled at him, telling that he doesn’t get to pick and choose when he will study. But that’s really not true. To a large extent I do let him do that. I let him know what he has to cover before the term or the year and I allow him the room to do it (or not). If he fails, then I have the chance to talk with him about time management, character, habits and study skills which all relate full well to life skills. This way he is learning much more than science through his science book. A homeschool mum has to be continually on the lookout for teaching opportunities, ya know. 😉

I’ve been trying to watch my health and fitness. This is not a new thing…it’s a constant effort but also a constant failing. Nevertheless, I keep looking forward. I ‘m finally able to admit the real reason I want to get fit. I was kidding myself in that I don’t want to be fat and unfit to go to Adelaide but they’re my family – they’ve seen me at my biggest.

The real reason is my children and *life*. Teens are so much fun and full of energy and excitement. I can feel that teens are so energising but if I’m unfit it isn’t – it is actually draining. I want to be energised! 🙂 I want to enjoy every second of the journey of life. I want to feel excitement at everything, great or small. Being unfit sucks the very life from a person. I want to enjoy my teens, every fast-paced, energetic, life breathing moment with them! I need to be fit in order to do this. That’s the real reason. I know it doesn’t seem hard to admit but for me, it was.