Whew! What a few weeks it has been. A few weeks ago, we went to Sydney to watch ‘Miss A’ play in a softball tournament for the Youth Development Squad for Australia. It wasn’t too bad except two children didn’t want to be there and are totally bored by it all (their idea of fun is not to spend 10 hours a day in the cold watching training and games- how can they not enjoy that?) and it was freezing cold. we did pop into Featherdale Wildlife park which was good but two of us came down a little ill and we had to leave for the cabin early. It was a good week of softball. We arrived home (to QLD), after a 1400km drive home (leaving at 3.30am). We plonked ourselves into bed (on the Friday) and prepared mentally for a rough few days.

We awoke the next morning (Sat) to laundry and getting ready to move house. We continued laundry and packing and cleaning of the yard on Sunday and early on Monday morning the sole packer arrived to start prepacking our belongings. It was a very late night. Bright, crisp and early on Tuesday morning, the removalists arrived and started finishing the packing, all the while bemoaning the amount of books that one family can own. They then spent the rest of the day and early evening uplifting our things into the truck while John and I stayed late to do the final clean of the house. ‘Miss A’ worked on both days and I really missed her help. ‘Miss R’ and the boys pulled their weight though with the washing of walls and yard work.

We all arrived at the new house on Wednesday and the fun (chaos) really began. The removalists just drop the boxes and have little idea of where to put everything. We could require them to unpack everything but by 2pm I was sick of them and just wanted them to leave my new home and let me get to work. Our first priority is to do the children’s bedrooms so they have a quiet place to retreat to and they can sleep at night. Then we do the kitchen. Suffice to say that John and I slept on the couch that night. The next day (Thursday) John got the washing machine going and made a fence to keep the dog contained and we started unpacking some of the 450 boxes of belongings!!! We’re about half way through.

John always does his homework with regard to internet connection to a new location and this whole area is serviceable, EXCEPT for this cul-de-sac!!!!! So being unable to survive on dial-up, he went searching for new ideas. We’re now connected to wireless broadband which is good but a little slower than our previous speed. Oh well, I’m just glad we don’t have download limits or times.

My house is about 60% unpacked and ordered. We had our first home cooked meal in 3 weeks tonight! / / /

Anyway, that’s the very brief description of what our time has been like. I stumbled across a cool section from TIME and it shows a photographic snapshot of 15 different family meal tables around the globe. Check it out– it’s very interesting…