Just a quick post to let readers know that I updated my previous post ( the one with the piccies). For those curious readers who wanted to see a bigger picture, I have uploaded them so you can click on each one separately. The photo isn’t good as they come from a small phone with inadequate lighting, but you get the idea.

I was really tired and muscle heavy yesterday. I tried to do a Billy Blanks DVD but just couldn’t get through it. I had a feeling it was more than DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) from my weight workout. It feels like something else. I believe it is inadequate protein intake for the working out I’m doing. So I rested yesterday and today and will try to up my intake of protein. I might do my weights tomorrow or I might wait until Friday- I’ll see how I feel.

Food and eating has been going pretty good – could be better if I’d remember to eat more regularly but I’m a work in progress. We’ve been eating a large salad every night, taking care to get in protein and sufficient carbs. I can officially report that I am now totally loving my daily salad! I look forward to it every single day. The different tastes, colours and textures really do tantalise my taste buds and I can’t believe how much I enjoy my salads now.

All for now…