Here’s a few good links that I posted to the kerugma facebook page this past week. I hope you enjoy them. Incidentally, our facebook page has a new look!

Living Better at 50
In a world that’s highly focused on twenty and thirty something’s, it’s not always easy to find information that honors our age group. LivingBetterAt50+ is changing that! Our intention is for this site to become a trusted resource for women over 50, a place where you can find up-to-date information on topics that touch your life daily.

Encouraging young people to read the Bible – Creating a culture of Bible reading
You might want to give them a crash course on the Bible: what it is, who wrote it, what’s in it, how to find different books, the big picture etc. You could do a short Bible overview spanning a few weeks. And when you mention Bible passages or verses, get them to turn to them (and read them out loud), so they get used to handling the Bible and reading it for themselves. If we take the alien-ness out of the Bible, it becomes a normal practice to turn to God’s Word, not a last resort.

Teach Children the Bible Is Not About Them (I love this article!)
Ask your children these two questions today. Do you sometimes think you have to be good for God to love you? And second, Have you ever thought that if you aren’t good, God will stop loving you?
When we drill a Bible story down into a moral lesson, we make it all about us. But the Bible isn’t mainly about us, and what we are supposed to be doing—it’s about God, and what he has done! When we tie up the story in a nice neat little package, and answer all the questions, we leave no room for mystery. Or discovery. We leave no room for the child. No room for God.

10 Ways to Lose a Teen’s Attention
Quick post—the top ten ways to completely bore and disconnect with those you teach. What do you think? Have you been turned off from hearing someone because of these things?

Children’s Activity Pyramid
A printable physical activity pyramid – an excellent idea. Families that play together stay healthier together!

Living Ideas in Living Books: Choosing Worthy Books for Home and School Libraries by Jeannette Tulis
What happens to a child when inspired by a living book? What are the qualities one should look for in a living book? Why is the choosing of a child’s books so important?

It is crucial that when your children look into your eyes, regardless of the circumstances bearing down on them, what they see is someone that believes in them.
~Danny Lee Silk