• Is Your Girl Drowning in Busyness? at TrueWoman
    How can we raise up the next generation of true women if they don’t have time to know God’s Word? How can we pass the baton to a group of girls who are too tired to finish the race? We can’t hope for our girls to value silence, stillness, and Sabbath if they never see us doing the same.
  • Influence Trumps Authority by Cary Schmidt
    Do you want your children to love God? Do you want them to truly enjoy living life with and for Jesus Christ? There’s an unspoken principle that many parents or leaders miss. It often goes ignored, unrecognized, and completely invisible.

Pursue the heart of your child! Like the Apostle Paul, be “affectionately desirous” of them. Expend yourself in authentic relationship. In so doing, you will build influence.
When it comes to protecting you child—think “authority.” But when it comes to directing your child—think “influence!”

  • Labeling Children by their Behaviour at HomeschoolandWork is a challenging and thoughtful read.  “Before you say something about your child while your kid is standing there, imagine how’d you feel if your parent, husband, or even child mentioned … ‘Mommy and Daddy have yelling problems’.”

Parenting Series at Defending Contending
Parenting – Biological or Biblical? – Part 1
Complacency or Hypocritical? Part 2
Parenting – Making an Application – Part 3

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Our goal is to have powerful sons and daughters, not powerless, limited, mindless robots.
~Danny Lee Silk