For awhile now I’ve wanted to take part in the Wife Wednesday meme but Sheila posts on Wednesday  US time, which is Thursday here in Australia. I’ve contemplated a few ways to get around it but the easiest way is for me to post on last week’s topic. So that’s what I’m going to do!

Last week Sheila wrote about saying hello and greeting one’s husband.

John’s homecoming from work is a pivotal point in our day. Our other activities hinge around this point. Being a SAHM has allowed me to prepare for John’s arrival from work. Since we’ve been back here in SA he has to travel an hour to and from work on a very windy and dangerous road. I like to have the kettle warmed and something to eat for him. I try to look fairly presentable and not to be too busy with my own things for when he gets through the door. Doesn’t always happen and he is fine with it, but it is my focus point.

Throughout the years his homecoming has looked different but that’s because family life always looks different, depending upon the season of life we’re in… and the ages of the children.

Currently, we (those who are home) zip around the house and do a quick tidy about 4.30pm. John gets home about 5pm and the boys go outside and help him in with his stuff. I greet him at the door and we share a quick kiss while the boys make us a cuppa. Then we all tend to congregate in the lounge-room and share about our day. This is quite possibly my favourite time of the day. I want home to be a special place, a place where family members love to be and greeting them is an important part in building this.

When the children were little I encouraged each child to think of something special that only they could do for daddy.  It was to be their job for when he got home. This wasn’t done in a slavish way instead I used it as a training opportunity… to teach the children how to show appreciation and how to think of others. One of the girls would make the cuppa’s while the other would make sure that John’s chair and ‘area’ were tidied. Now that the girls are older and either left home or not home when he gets home it is the boys turn. It isn’t about being male or female, it’s about showing appreciation and serving one another.

I try to ask John how his day has been and give him plenty of room to talk before I start blabbing on about my day. Of course being the talker that I am this doesn’t always work. Sometimes it seems that he doesn’t even want to talk about his day and – maybe he doesn’t! Other days he does. It’s all fine with me… I have come to accept that he doesn’t need to flap his gums as much as I do.

This might all seem a little extreme to some but I know what I like and don’t like when I’ve been out for a few hours or even away from the home. It’s nice to have my loved ones take a little effort and let me know that they missed me and that they think I’m a bit special. And my man is special… I enjoy showing him my love and appreciation.