10picWelcome! You’ve made it to my new site/blog. I’m glad you’re here.

I’d been planning an upgrade of my blog and website. It was rather redundant to have both so I’ve now melded them together to make just the one site, blog included. For now, the old blog is still there but as soon as everything is done and dusted I’ll take it down.

The blog posts are the same, complete with comments. The theme and structure is a little different here but it loads quicker and is easier to manage. As usual, it is not finished but a gal’s gotta do housework and meal preparation some time eh? :victory:

Over the next few days, I will get around to changing the rss feed update and hope to make the transition as smooth as possible for readers. The very top navigational menu ( Kerugma, Home Based Learning, Home n Hearth, Reviews, Quotes & Inspiration, Freebies, Soapbox, Potpourri, Web stuff, Your Turn! ) is the category structure of blog posts. The next menu down from that are the website pages. The sidebar will change depending upon which pages you are viewing. I can easily be contacted through the ‘contact’ page or by emailing the link on my signature.

The recent comments and recent posts may all be a little out of whack for a time…databases aren’t really keen on being moved and melded and they tend to do some weird things. Eventually it will right itself. I’m in no hurry. Blogging is my hobby and something I enjoy playing with.

Come again soon!