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Throughout 2008, I posted a few posts which were really questions. Questions I asked you, the readers to share. You can see the various posts here, in Your Turn.

Jan 2008
What! NO New Years Resolutions?

Feb 2008
I learned and important and ongoing lesson about how God sets us in place

March 2008
Must have been either real busy or real boring. :yawn:

I shared about Growth Spurts

I shared a day in the life of our unschooled teen
Mother’s Day Part One
Mother’s Day Part Two

Another busy or boring month :yawn:

Child Run Homes
Free five Bible study lessons for your family
Free Devotional Journal for your family
Doing it all or are we neglecting to teach necessary life skills

How do you learn?
Teaching reading: the HomeGrownKids way

Prioritising: big rocks, little rocks & sand

Worthwhile pastimes: should I encourage that?

Downfall of homeschool blogging?
Convinced or Convicted
Walking by grace
A re-post about how we ‘do’ Christmas

Delighting in our children – God delights in us
Self harm? No, we’re Christian homeschoolers
I wrote a 3 part series on being Conformed or Transformed:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

I’ve been blogging for 3 and a half years now and had some verbose times and some quiet times. I’ve enjoyed blogging this past year, especially when I’ve kept it in perspective. I’d like to say THANK YOU to all the people who read my blog…and especially to those who comment:
Jacqui, Lisa, Leonie, Amanda, Sombra, Robin, Joi, Judith and Yoan, Michelle and Jocelyn, to mention a few- thank you! I hope and pray you have a fulfilling year.