Having a weekly menu plan is all well and good but some times it just doesn’t work. Well, not in my house anyway! This week is going to be one of those weeks where it doesn’t work. It is our ‘off pay’ week and we’re pretty stretched financially. I am not good at menu planning or cooking on a tight budget but I don’t have any choice in the matter. I can plan for it or eat bread and butter for the week. This type of week is where we Eat-Out-The Pantry or the Fridge. Basically the menu plans goes down the drain and I simply use everything from the fridge and pantry. Ah, the benefits of having a well stocked freezer!

Confession Time

Stocking the freezer is my strong point. I like to buy produce, especially meats, and put them in the freezer for later.

Problem: I do not like going into the freezer and defrosting meat.

Solution: Sadly I had to ask John to help me. He went through the freezer, told me what was there so I devised the menu plan. He even took some of it out for use early on in the week and then placed the meats for mid week closer to the front. We would obviously go hungry if he didn’t help me.

So what does our menu plan this week look like?


  • Sunday:: Chow Mein (beef mince and cabbage)
  • Monday:: Soup and Baked Pasta with Turkey Sausages and Spinach
  • Tuesday:: Catch-What-Ya-Can (soup, omelette, toastie sandwiches, etc)
  • Wednesday: Italian Pizza Soup and Something with Turkey Sausages. Any suggestions?
  • Thursday:: is payday!

I make nutritious soups which are warm and filling and not too expensive so a bit of broccoli and zucchini will be all I need to buy at shops to get me through. I also have a packet of Aussie Soup Mix in the cupboard so can do something with that.

But what I really need is a quick, easy and tasty recipe using Turkey Sausages. Anyone?