I’ve found that much of our history and science study also ties in with the study of geography.

We have a rather relaxed approach to geography. (No surprises there eh?) Firstly, we learn about people in other lands. And then we learn about man’s discovery of that world and that of discovery of the new lands. Children love to trace maps and the early years can be a great time to start this. We have often placed a plastic sheet as a tablecloth over our table and we put either a large wall map of Australia, the World or the country that we are studying under it. We still have this now, in our study area. The children have learned heaps from it.

We have enjoyed a few books like, “Exploring the World Around Us” and “Planet Earth” both by John Tiner. Often biographies teach us a lot about different cultures. Sonlight Core 5 is excellent as a launchpad for a study of Eastern hemisphere countries…as are the Evan-Moor guides. Each of my children will do a continent/major country thematic study before they finish their formal education at home.

Around the World in 180 Days” by Sherri Payne is a multi-age, research based unit study which studies the world by continent.

A friend, Ruth, (who has a wonderful site) has a plan for the study of geography.

We started a new unit with geography using a book called, “Trail Guide to World Geography“. We also have and use “The Ultimate Timeline and World Geography Guide“, which is an excellent resource! I’m also reading to the children from a book called, “Global Geography” by M. Finkelstein while the children do notebooking and mapping activities to add to their geography binder. Runkle Geography is another excellent resource, which we haven’t gotten around to using yet. Gosh, a homeschool mum can’t do everything!!! 😉
We’ve also read “A Child’s Geography” by V.M. Hillyer but my children have enjoyed a homeschooler’s fresh writing on the subject. Another good book is called “A Book of Marvels” by Richard Halliburton. The boys enjoy that!

Anne is writing “A Living Geography Online for Children – and God’s Glory” and the first few chapters are available on her blog. If you like what you see, email her and she will send you the remaining chapters via email. Truly wonderful!
My children, especially the boys have learned a lot from various well written books such as the series written by Willard Price. Great source of geography, nature study, character, adventure and science wrapped up in a fairly easy-to-read, enthralling mystery for boys.

There are always so many resources – too many to choose from. If I could have my time over again, I’d evaluate the resources carefully, assess the needs of my children, articulate exactly what I want the children to know and then make a purchase. In hindsight I have done too much of many things and not much of it in depth. But, I live and learn.

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