We have a family member who suffers with liver problems… including a fatty liver. There is way too much information available on the Interwebs and some of it is just plain wrong! In a nutshell though, it can be described as NASH, which stands for Non- Alcoholic Steatorrhoeic Hepatosis or Non-Alcoholic-Fatty-Liver-Disease (NAFLD) simply put, the liver is being invaded with fat! Fatty liver or NASH, is very common in overweight persons, over the age of 30.

We have a few books by Sandra Cabot, the Liver Doctor and we use fresh vegetable juicing as part of the cure during a flare up. We always plan to continue with the juicing during maintenance but it gets so expensive and time consuming that sometimes it just falls by the wayside. Here are a few recipes that we use for liver cleansing.

Fatty Liver Juice

½ whole lemon or grapefruit, peeled
2 carrots peeled
1 clove garlic or ¼ red onion (optional or use less if it is too strong)
1cm slice fennel
Half cup chopped parley
1 red radish and tops
1 cm slice of fennel
¼ beetroot peeled
2 dandelion or 2 rocket or 2 cabbage leaves

*I add some celery as John feels its benefits immediately.
**Apples may be added to improve the taste

Liver Cleansing Juice

2 dandelion or 2 rocket or 2 cabbage leaves
½ cup broccoli florets
1 cup cauliflower florets 2 large brussel sprouts
1 clove garlic or 1 small radish
½ cup chopped parsley
1 whole red apple

*Drink 500 ml to 1 litre daily.
**Juice may be sweetened by adding one or two of the following: strawberries, grapes, carrot or beetroot.

Liver Tonic Juice

1 carrot
125 grams asparagus
125 grams cucumber with skin on
1 apple 2 dandelion or cabbage leaves

You can learn heaps more here at Dr. Sandra cabot’s website, the Liver Doctor as well as read through a quick checkup guide.