Everytime I’ve logged on lately to blog, it has been about food…so I decided against posting. This is, after all, a *homeschool* blog, isn’t it? Yes but our life is one of learning so I guess it doesn’t matter so much. I guess if it continues though I should think about discontinuing this blog and moving somewhere to start up a food blog.

I’ve just done something quite interesting with some nori sheets that I had left over. I put them on a tray and seasoned them with some oil (I made a few different combinations: olive oil & flax and another combination of coconut & olive oil with a dash of chilli oil). I baked them at 180 degrees for about 6 minutes and then when they came out, yet still warm, I sprinkled them with a Parmesan Sprinkle mix, which is 1 tsp of Celctic sea salt with 1 TB of sesame seeds which have been combined and ground, either in the Magic Bullet or using the mortar and pestle.

I then cut them into finger sized (bite sized) pieces and put them into an air tight container.

They are yummy! I think John will like to snack on them at night. They’ll make a great, nutritious substitute for chips, not that we have many, but what a way to get some extra nutrients. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!